Miniland Digitaalne videomonitor 3,5" plus

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Multifunctional, portable and accessible from anywhere. The baby monitor "Digimonitor 3.5" plus" integrates numerous features that increase your baby' s daily care and safety. It transmits bidirectionally, with a digital video screen and 240 m range, as well as incorporating recording notification, 5 lullaby melodies, adjustable voice activation, connectivity for up to 4 cameras and a nursery light.


See the baby with perfect quality anywhere in the house

Thanks to its range of up to 240 meters and its digital technology, parents can see the baby with total image quality and zero interference on their 3.5 inch LCD screen.


Low emissions and energy saving with the ecotech technology

Provides 2 transmission levels according to the desired coverage. Also, it does not emit any signal whilst it is at rest.


Receives silent alerts via the vibrate function

The vibrate function is ideal for times when parents need silence or for noisy environments. Extremely useful for people with hearing problems.


4-position zoom to see the baby in detail

On the screen you can choose the quadrant on which to apply the zoom.


Listening and talking to the baby

Two-way technology allows you to listen to the baby, but also to talk and sing him a song either to calm him down or just to keep him company whilst parents are carrying out some other activity.


Night light, melodies and feeding time alert

The pleasant night light and the five melodies it features, controlled from the monitor, will help the baby to relax. An alert can also be programmed to warn of the baby' s next feeding time.

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