Miniland Termo krepšys „Candy“, 350ml.

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Helps maintain the temperature

An extra layer of insulation for the thermoses, protecting them from changes in ambient temperature and helping maintain the temperature of food.


A cheerful touch for liquid thermos of all sizes

The isothermal thermibag bags have been specially designed for thermos of 350 ml and 500 ml respectively, and allow the parents to decorate the thermos with their favorite color. In addition, they are ideal for use in conjunction with Miniland's thermy.


Durable materials for greater protection

Made with highly durable materials that improve the conservation of the thermos against abrasion and protects them against bumps and scratches.


To take anywhere

Parents will be able to choose the size which best fi ts each thermos to carry it anywhere. Perfect for travelling or for leaving the baby with someone else. Furthermore, the bag has a handle to hang it to the pram with total comfort.


Upper opening with zip

You can use the thermos fl ask comfortably with the zip opening at the top of the thermal bag without needing to take it out.


  • Diameter: 8cm
  • Height: 19cm

Modelio kodas: 24-89493
Prekės kodas: 276085
Spalva: Candy

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