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Accessory for the Original Ride-On Board, which transforms your stand-on buggy board into a luxious ride-on seat board.

This gives your child the option to stand or sit, whenever they choose. While you walk with your younger child in the stroller, the Seat+ and the Bumprider Original Ride-On Board gives the big sister or brother multiple options to jump on and off and get a lift by standing on the Bumprider Original Ride-On Board or to sit at the Seat+ in both rear- or front facing mode.

Ultra light weight design in aluminium, nylon and fibre at 0.7 kg.

Very small folded, From 2-5 years of age.



For an optimal seat position, depending on the structure of the stroller or if the child prefers front- or rear facing mode, you can easily change the direction of the seat. When not in use, the Seat+ can easily be tucked away to maximise the standing space.

Seat+ grows with the child and adjusts in 3 positions of seat height.The integrated safety handle is naturally located in front of the child to show the correct sit position and to keep the seat in balance. With a simple click, the Seat+ is fixed to your Bumprider Original Ride-On Board and does not require tools to be fitted.

The Seat+ have a soft and removable cushion for easy cleaning, covered by a ventilating fabric. The unique integrated suspension has been meticulously engineered to rigorously absorb vibrations of all types. This, together with the Bumprider Original Ride-On Board ́s own suspension, will make a more safe and comfortable ride in even the most demanding conditions and will reduce the wear of your stroller as the suspension will absorb most of the loading weight.


Product info:

  • Attachable seat for Bumprider Ride-On board
  • Ultra light weight, 0,7kg (1,54 lbs)
  • Integrated seat suspension
  • Reversible seat direction
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 30 kg load capacity
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning.


Technical info:

  • Length: 240mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Seat height: 235-290mm
  • Item weight: 0,7kg (1,54 lbs)
  • Tested and approved to 22 kg (48lbs) load

Model code: 237-51291-2009
Product code: 266460
Color: Grey

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