Dooky Baby Ear Protection White (0-3 y)

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  • € 25.00
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The Dooky Baby Earmuff is a hearing protector specially designed for toddlers. With an eye for comfort and style, the Dooky Baby Earmuffs provide a safe haven for your baby's sensitive hearing. With an insulation of 25 dB, the earmuffs provide a unique sound barrier for your baby's ears. This hearing protector effectively protects against harmful noise and loud music, allowing your little one to grow in a calm and protected environment. Style and protection go hand in hand. The Dooky Baby Earmuff combines beautiful design with functional features. Your baby will not only look cute, but also enjoy a world without unnecessary noise. The soft, comfortable and adjustable strap ensures that your baby does not experience pressure on the fontanel. Specially designed for babies and toddlers up to 36 months, this Dooky ear protection offers the perfect fit for growing ears. The included storage pouch makes it easy to take the earmuffs with you wherever you go. Protect your little one's hearing with the Dooky hearing protection. Give your baby the best start with optimal sound protection and Style


  • Hearing protection specially designed for babies.
  •  • 25 dB insulation for optimal sound protection.

  • Protects against harmful noise and loud music.
  • Beautiful design, including free storage bag.
  • Soft, comfortable adjustable band without pressure on the fontanelle.
  • Specifically designed for babies and toddlers up to 36 months.
  • Length: 9 cm , Width: 7 cm , Depth: 4 cm
  • Minimum band length: 50 cm
  • Maximum band length: 58 cm

Код модели: 38-3001102
Код продукта: 284888
Цвет: White

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