BabyOno disposable bibs 10pcs

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Get ready to eat dirt-free with disposable baby bibs and avoid the stress of feeding your baby anywhere you are. The bibs are soft, strong and have a waterproof backing layer to protect your babys clothes from staining. They also have a pocket for crumbs and food scraps. Disposable bibs are great for use at home as well as when out and about or travelling. They are a great alternative to traditional bibs and will help protect your babys clothes when trying new foods.


Always on hand

They can be used both at home and on the go. The packaging takes up little space, so you can always have them with you wherever you go.


Resilient materials

Made of soft plastic that adjusts easily to your baby. Top layer additionally protected with absorbent fleece and waterproof padding.


Extra pocket

Featuring a practical pocket that prevents larger pieces of uneaten or spit-out food from falling out. It protects your childs clothes from getting dirty.


Convenient to use

Simply throw the bib in the bin after the meal and dont worry about unnecessary laundry.


Simple fastening

Tear open the perforation, turn out the pocket, fasten at the back and done - your baby is protected from staining and ready to eat.


Technical properties

  • Waterproof coating
  • Dimensions 15x20 cm
  • 10 pcs

Код модели: 139-878
Код продукта: 286402
Цвет: Multicolor

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