Miniland Digital warmer-sterilizer Warmy advanced Silver

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Intelligent, all in one. For home and car. Warmy Advanced lets you heat and sterilise baby bottles naturally using high-temperature steam. It also lets you heat breast milk and baby bottles, sterilise accessories and defrost. Furthermore, it automatically calculates the operating time needed from the initial temperature, the type and amount of food you want to prepare to achieve fast, even heating at the right temperature. It also includes an adaptor to use in the car.

The most advanced digital bottle warmer and sterilizer

warmy advanced is the only product on the market that automatically calculates the time required in line with the kind of food, the size and the initial temperature, achieving rapid, even heating at the right temperature.

Does not require any water measurement

With warmy advanced, it is not necessary to work out how much water to put into the device. Regardless of the size and temperature of the baby bottle or jar of baby food, the parents will only have to add water to the level shown on the device itself.

Everything always under control with an easy and intuitive use

Its intuitive backlit display will guide you step by step in choosing the desired option, always showing all the process information, making it very easy and speedy to use.

Heats up baby bottles and jars in a simple, natural manner

Heats up naturally using steam at a high temperature, therefore, it is also suitable for heating breast milk.

Easy sterilization in the same device

warmy advanced allows a baby bottle and all its accessories to be sterilised in the same device where the heating is carried out.

Warms baby bottles and jars at home or in the car

It can be used both at home and in the car thanks to the adapter it includes.

Exclusive BPA-free tritan lid

The transparent tritan lid is highly resistant and is very durable. warmy advanced is wholly made from BPA-free materials.

Programmes the next feeding time at night before going to bed

warmy advanced allows to program in how many hours the next feeding dose will start to be warmed up. Allowing parents to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that the babys bottle will be ready when they need it.

Visual and sound alarms and maximum security

A visual and sound alarm indicates when the warming up has finished or when the water has been used up, turning off automatically.

Код модели: 24-89150
Код продукта: 126784
Цвет: Multicolor

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