BabyOno Muslin diapers super soft 3pcs Grey

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Muslin diapers are an integral part of the mothers and babys essentials. They are made of a two-layer diaper based on 100% cotton. They are light and soft to the babys skin. They will help you change the baby, bathe it and put to sleep as well as when you are outdoors. Muslin diapers will serve you as a swaddle, blanket, sheet, mat or towel. You can cover yourself with the product while breastfeeding and secure your clothes in case your baby starts burping. In any of these cases, softness and lightness are critical. Muslin diapers is a great idea for a baby gift.


Very soft

Muslin diapers are made of a top-quality cotton. They are pleasant to the touch, perfectly soft and free from any hard elements. They do not irritate the babys sensitive skin. They do not cause allergies, chafes and nappy rash.



Muslin is breathable. A light fabric weave makes them breathe. You can use them as an light cover or blanket.



Muslin diapers can be used for various care applications at home and outdoors. They prove useful not only in changing a baby. They may turn into a blanket, towel, sheet and cuddly toy for sleeping.



Muslin diapers prove highly absorbent so the baby skin can remain dry. You can use them as bath towels or clothes protection while breastfeeding in case the baby happens to burp.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • 3 pieces in the set
  • Size: 70 x 70 cm

Код модели: 139-348/10
Код продукта: 286406
Цвет: Grey

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