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The CHERRY stone pillow is designed for special tasks. It can prove useful in counteracting numerous issues - starting grom painful baby colic, through bruises and swelling, ending up with menstrual cramps and breast pain during lactation. Depending on the situation, it can be hot or cold when used. You will also appreciate its soothing aromatherapeutic properties as a dried lavender has been added to cherry stones.


The insert of the pillow has been packed in a soft cover available in a subtle gray color.



The product has been made in Poland. To prepare the insert, we have used topquality cherry stones and dried lavender.



Lavender we have added to the pillow has soothing properties. Its aroma reduces stress, helps the baby relax and fall asleep.



The cherry stone pillow is safe to children and adults.It naturally emits its warmth, eliminating the scalding and skin damage risks. It is free from liquids that could be spilt. It is a certified medical product.



A convenient wide hole in the cover will let you easily put the hot or cold insert into the cover.



The cherry stone pillow is hidden in a soft cover. We have made it of a pleasant-to-the-touch minky fabric. You can maintain the hygiene with ease - all you have to do is remove the cover and wash it.



Depending on your needs, the cherry stone pillow can be hot or cold when used. Do you know that you can use it to warm your hands in winter and cool your neck down on hot days?


The cherry stone pillow can be used in numerous ways. It will provide relief to the smallest family members and their parents.



-soothes baby colic and bloating symptoms

-relaxes muscles

-brings relief in spine and joint aches

-eases sciatica symptoms

-relieves in case of sinusitis

-reduces menstrual pain

-warms breasts up in lactation

-warms the cold sheet up

-warms hands and feet

-helps you fall asleep

-improves blood circulation and has relaxing properties.



-helps you lower temperature in case of fever

-soothes migraine symptoms

-brings relief in case of headache

-eases breasts in case of milk stasis

-reduces swelling in case of sprains, bruises, injuries

-helps you treat burns and insect bites.

Код модели: 139-796/02
Код продукта: 278815
Цвет: Beige

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