Nordbaby 2in1 Fitted Sheet & Protector 60x120 Sky Blue

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waterproof fitted sheet for kids

Waterproof and breathable BSensible® 2 in 1 fitted sheet: fitted sheet + mattress protector.

BSensible® uses DERMOFRESH® technology: the perfect combination of the best natural fibre TENCEL™, SMARTCEL™sensitive and an innovative polyurethane membrane that acts like a second skin.

It fits perfectly on the mattress and is as discreet as a second skin. Retains the mattress qualities, whilst being kind to skin.



  • Waterproof-The polyurethane membrane prevents liquids from seeping through the protected product
  • Breathable-The fabric acts as a second skin improving comfort
  • Natural-Natural origin fabric surface and free of harmful substances
  • Anti dust mites-Prevents the inhalation of the dust mites, which are the main cause of respiratory allergies
  • Soft-The surface is exceptionally smooth and gentle to skin. Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Rustle-free- Produced with social responsibility, total traceability and environmental sustainability
  • Antibacterial-Inhibits bacterial growth naturally and permanently, scientifically tested
  • Easy care-Machine washable at 60°C and tumble dry on a low temperature.
  • Stretchable-Fits the product perfectly and wrinkle-free
  • Skin friendly-Ideal for the most sensitive skin, clinically tested
  • Less odor- Antibacterial properties that reduce odors
  • Sustainable-Produced with social responsibility, total traceability and environmental sustainability

Код модели: 192-406012011
Код продукта: 34832
Цвет: Sky Blue

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