Magic Majestic diaper pail Blush Pink

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This 100% odorless nappy bin keeps your babys room smelling nice and fresh.The MAGIC MAJESTIC is the best odorless bucket and the cheapest. This way you save a lot of money because the product uses ordinary plastic bags and not expensive cassettes/refills. In addition, this bucket is designed in such a way that it fits in every room. The beautiful design is modern and timeless. The MAGIC MAJESTIC is every parents favorite. Easy and cheap to use and completely odorless if used correctly. The nappy bin can also be used as a regular waste bin after the babys time by buying the accessory (lid with handle), making the product more durable than other nappy bins. Available in 6 beautiful colors.

  • Odor stop system
  • 100% Odorless
  • Easy to use
  • Use normal plastic bags
  • No costs for refills
  • Content 25 new born diapers
  • Safe one-handed operation
  • Material:              PP is easy to be recycled and  therefor very durable
  • Measurements:   H52 cm W26 cm 

Код модели: 498-1011055106
Код продукта: 281479
Цвет: Blush Pink

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