Easygrow Cool Pad fits Air Inlay Grey

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Easygrow is now testing a new exciting material that has not been used in the children's equipment industry before, launching the test production of Cool Pad, a Universal inlay with cooling comfort


  • Cooling effect with Outlast® teknologi
  • Fits the Easygrow Air Inlay Stroller nad Car Seat
  • Universal


Easygrow Cool Pad is made of a a phase change materials with Outlast® technology. Originally developed for NASA and is also used in survival suits in the oil industry. The materials absorbs the excess heat and stores it in patented Outlast® microcapsules. You will feel the cooling comfort.The material provides optimal comfort and, if necessary, provides stored heat back to the body.


Cool Pad needs to be reloaded after a while of use. This is done by simply removing it and storing it in a shaded / temperate environment for it to be ready for use again. Easygrow Cool pad with Outlast® technology: "Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. "

Код модели: 224-101998
Код продукта: 248924
Цвет: Grey

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