Elodie Details Crinkled Blanket 120x120cm, Pastel Braids

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Crinkled Blanket

A lovely and luxurious blanket made with 6 layers of crinkled cotton that creates a warming yet airy feel. Young children will love the lightly structured surface as it gives them tactile stimulation. 

A versatile blanket that just keeps getting softer with each wash. Use in the crib, the cot, the stroller, or where and when ever something snug and secure is needed.


Large and versatile

The blanket measures 120 x 120 cm giving it many areas of use. 


High quality

Made with 100% Cotton muslin weave in no less than 6 layers. 


Gives tactile stimulation

The structured surface of the fabric is appreciated by little baby fingers exploring the world using their sense of feel.


Easy maintenance

Can be machine washed at 30°C over and over without loosing any of its great qualities.



  • Material: 100% Cotton muslin weave
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees gentle program. Tumble drying or ironing are not recommended. 

Model code: 187-70365107403NA
Product code: 271515
Color: Pastel Braids
Cotton 100%

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