BabyOno Underpads 40x60, 20pcs

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Hygienic underpads are suitable for changing babies and are intended for women in their postnatal period. Highly absorbent, underpads give you a sense of hygiene and comfort. The outer film secures against dirt, while selfadhesive straps prevent sliding. The superabsorbent inside the underpad quickly absorbs liquids and neutralizes bad smell.


Cleanliness and comfort

The superabsorbent is perfect at absorbing liquids and neutralizing odors. A breathing protective layer takes care of your baby's skin.


Universal use

You can use underpads for baby care, women in the postnatal period and those who must lie.


Safety in any conditions

The waterproof protective layer and 4 stabilizing selfadhensive straps let you avoid unpleasant surprises.


Technical properties

  • 20 underpads in the box
  • Underpad size: 40x60cm
  • Baby age: 0 m+

Model code: 139-513/20
Product code: 276081
Color: White

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