Suavinex feeding bottle 360ml Whiskers fast flow

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  • The wide-necked bottle makes it easier for parents to wash and prepare food and is better stable thanks to its wide bottom
  • Its ergonomic shape promotes a better grip when feeding the baby
  • It has a round silicone pacifier and anti-colic vents that prevent air from accumulating and swallowing during feeding, reducing the likelihood of neonatal colic
  • All teats and pacifiers are supported and produced in cooperation with the Association of Spanish Childrens Orthodontists and respect the natural development of the babys gums, teeth and palate.
  • The paints used to decorate Suavinex brand products are natural and non-toxic , excessive cleaning can damage them
  • Teat shape: round
  • Suction flow rate: L (fast flow)
  • Teat material: silicone
  • Recommended age: +4 months

Model code: 483-306695
Product code: 253628
Color: Green


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