Done by Deer Activity floor mirror Wally Powder

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The Wally activity floor mirror is ideal to encourage your baby to have a longer and more active tummy-time. Little ones will be entertained by their own reflection and the many sensory features.

Can your baby find the tiny fish friend as he hides inside Wallys fin? A lot of fun is waiting for your baby to explore; a baby mirror, colourful tags, tactile textures, crinkle and bell sounds. Pull the water droplets and feel how everything jitters!

Wallys many features will support your babys development from tummy time to sitting up and exploring. Wallys soft powder tone is contrasted by the tiny fish friends coral red and the sandbag filling make sure that the whale stands firmly on the floor.

  • Im made of: Fabric: 100% polyester. Filling: Polyester fibres (recycled), quartz sandbag.
  • Im friendly: The filling in this toy is made from recycled material from a GRS certified facility.
  • Im this big: 29 x 15,5 x 7 cm

Model code: 205-4113431
Product code: 263738
Color: Powder
Fabric: 100% polyester. Filling: Polyester fibres (recycled), quartz sandbag.

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