Difrax dental soother 18+ months

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The Difrax Dental Pacifier 18+ months fulfils your baby's sucking need and stimulates jaw development. The pacifier has a large pacifier shield and the teat is fully filled with a sturdy silicone substance. This also stimulates your child to give up the pacifier in the next phase of their life.


The unique pacifier has a butterfly shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby's face. The recess for the nose enables your child to breathe freely through the nose. Two airy holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation.


The dental model pacifiers have been developed in collaboration with a dental team. The flat side of the teat is lined against the teeth and the convex side rests against the palate.


The pacifier offers your child comfort, consolation and relaxation.


The butterfly shape of the pacifier allows free exposure of the baby's nose

Prevents skin irritation by the airy design and an optimal airflow

Sturdy, fully filled pacifier teat stimulates giving up the pacifier

Model code: 10-342
Product code: 29828
Color: Multicolor

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