Difrax 6+ months natural soother

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The Difrax Natural Pacifier 6+ M fulfils your baby's sucking need. The nozzle is symmetrical - your baby will readily recognize and accept it. The size of the shield and nozzle have been adapted to 6+ month old babies.

This unique pacifier has a butterfly shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby's face. The recess for the nose enables your baby to breathe freely through the nose. Two air holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation.

The pacifier comforts, consoles and relaxes your child. Difrax pacifiers are available in many fashionable prints and various sizes. Difrax advises you replace your baby's pacifier every six weeks. Check the pacifier daily before use for any damage by pulling firmly on the nozzle.


  • The pacifier's butterfly shape allows free exposure of your baby's nose and keeps pace with your child's growth

  • The pacifier's sucking part fits your baby's sucking reflexes

  • Model code: 10-SE127
    Product code: 126876
    Color: White

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