Cybex Lemo highchair set 3 in1 Stunning Black with comfort Inlay

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Cybex Lemo Comfort Inlay Stunning Black:

Cybex Lemo 3in1 highchair set Stunning Black:

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Lemo 3-in-1

From 6 months to 99 years: The timeless high chair furniture solution New Lemo 3-in-1 set is the perfect choice, because it provides support once your baby is able to sit.



Once your baby is able to sit at approximately 6 months, shared meals at the kitchen table will be more relaxing and enjoyable than ever – thanks to the Lemo 3-in-1 set. This timeless high chair furniture solution and the included baby set provide support for your little one right when they need it. And as they get older even more freedom is waiting for you and your family.


Product Details




Newborn freedom

Designed to fit modern lifestyles, parents can finally have their newborn close by while also having their hands-free.


Effortless adjustment

No tools are required and only one hand is needed to make chair adjustments in height and depthadjust the chair’s height and depth.


From birth to 99 years

The Lemo is a timeless furniture piece for ages up to 99 years, with the bouncer nest and baby set providing support when needed.



  • Contemporary design

Featuring an intuitive design with clean and minimalist lines, the Lemo is a long-lasting furniture concept meeting all your child’s needs.

  • Individual depth-adjustment

Numerous depth positions ensure comfortable seating as your child grows.

  • Individual height-adjustment

Always the perfect fit: Individual height adjustment allows optimized, ergonomic seating for all ages.

  • The beauty of simplicity

Multiple configurations allow each generation the opportunity to enjoy the chair.

  • Safe around your home

Wheels on the rear legs reduce tipping risk and make it easy to move the chair around your home.


Tech specs:

  • Age Range with Bouncer Nest (sold separately): From birth up to 6 months
  • Age Range with Baby Set: From 6 months to 3 years; approx. 15 kg
  • Age Range as a stand-alone chair: From 3 years up to 99 years
  • Length 560 mm; Width 545 mm; Height 815 mm
  • Weight 7.7 kg


Whats included?

Lemo Chair, Lemo Baby Set, Lemo Tray, Lemo Comfort Inlay, Lemo Harnesses, User Guide


Product Compatibility (sold separately):

  • Lemo Bouncer Nest
  • Lemo Adapter Set



Model code: 36-DEF279030
Product code: 279030
Color: Stunning Black

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