BabyOno Natural diapers with Bamboo Beige

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The bamboo diapers are made of a natural, very soft and gentle fabric. Thanks to this, you can use them from early days of your baby's life. They will come in handy later too, and help you take care of your older child. The bamboo diapers may turn into a swaddle, light blanket, sheet, towel or even favorite cuddly toy. You can use them to cover yourself while breastfeeding or as a mat protecting your clothes in case the baby burps. It is a must have


  • Material: 70% bamboo, 30% cotton
  • 3 pieces in the set
  • Size: 70x70 cm


Natural bamboo fibers

Thanks to bamboo fibers, diapers are exceptionally soft. They soothe the skin and prove smooth as silk. The bamboo is a renewable material that remains environmentally friendly.



Bamboo diapers are hypoallergenic, do not irritate and sensitize. They are suitable for any kind of skin, including the most delicate and atopic



The bamboo is an anti-bacterial fiber. It helps you keep your baby's smooth skin clean. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the risk of nappy rash, reddening and other irritations.



Bamboo diapers prove versatile. They can serve as a swaddle, light blanket, soft towel or sheet. You can use them at home and during a walk.


In summer - the material provides pleasant cooling, while in winter - retains heat. For this reason you can use diapers as a swaddle or blanket. The fabric is breathable so you don't need to worry that the baby may get too hot.

Bamboo diapers are very hygienic. They prove perfect at absorbing moisture and bad odors. The soft bamboo fibers require suitable temperature for washing. Thanks to this, a soft structure of the diaper can be maintained.

Model code: 139-397/09
Product code: 278812
Color: Beige

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