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The Wally beach poncho is made for summertime fun! Splash around and have a great time and when your little one is ready for a break and a sip of water, put on the Beach poncho to stay warm and protected from the sun. 

The beach poncho is made of organic GOTS certified cotton that feels smooth on the skin and dries fast in the sun. Perfect for vaccation time or a trip to the beach! 

The blue kids beach poncho is decorated with our Sea friend Wally the whale together with cute ocean elements; shells, coral reef and sea stars in tones of blue and mustard.

  • Im made of: 100% organic cotton.
  • Im friendly: This product is GOTS® certified.
  • Im this big: Length: 60 cm
  • How to care for me: Delicate wash at 30°C.

Код модели: 205-3723682
Код продукта: 263737
Цвет: Blue
100% Organic Cotton

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