Difrax 7442-Weaning spoons 3pcs

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The Difrax Weaning Spoons are a set with two types of baby spoons. The small spoon has a shallow scoop and is best suited for the first experience of a baby eating solids. The large baby spoon has a deeper scoop and a longer handle so that you can dish up porridge, fruit sauce or fruit compote from taller jars and containers. The ergonomic design will ensure that more food goes in the baby's mouth rather than on the floor. The spoons have been designed to simulate and stimulate the latching instinct that babies use during breast and bottle feeding.


You will automatically notice when your child is ready for the next step - the larger size baby spoon with deeper scoop. The weaning spoons are dishwasher safe. The baby spoons are not intended for use in the microwave oven. Certain foods containing natural dyes, such as carrots, can discolour the spoon.

Код модели: 10-7442
Код продукта: 57622
Цвет: Multicolor

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