Difrax 702-Non spill cup HARD spout 250ml

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The Difrax Non-Spill Sippy Cup Hard Spout is a very suitable first baby trainer cup from the age of 9 months because it provides an easy and ergonomic drinking position without straining the neck muscles. A two handled sippy cup with a hard spout which prevents a baby biting on the spout. It includes an adaptable valve for two choices of drinking speed. The spill-proof spout prevents tampering and messy situations, very convenient when you're on the move.

Due to its conical shape, the liquid flows to the spout when the cup is held in a horizontal position. This ergonomic shape ensures that children do not have to bend their neck too far back. The sippy cup has a hard spout with an integrated double positioning non-spill valve that gently regulates your baby's drinking speed and maintains a smooth and steady flow. A two handled trainer cup with removable handles. This unique, patented non-spill cup was developed by Difrax in collaboration with a medical team.

Код модели: 10-702
Код продукта: 29789
Цвет: Multicolor

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