Miniland 6in1 kitchen robot Chefy 6

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Chefy 6 is a complete 6-in-1 multifunctional baby food processor, with a compact design and some great features. It also comes with a complete book of healthy recipes for your baby that can be downloaded through our eMyBaby app. With chefy 6 you can steam cook and heat all kinds of food, including bottles and baby food jars, sterilize bottles and accessories, defrost evenly, liquidise and keep baby feeding bottles warm. It's the ideal accessory for feeding your baby a correct diet.


6 functions in one kitchen robot

 * Warms baby bottles and jars * Sterilizes baby bottles * Steams food * Maintains the temperature of baby bottles and jars * Crushes food * Defrosts bottles and jars


To teach the baby how to eat healthy!

To get the most out of chefy 6, the book " Children' s recipes, nutrition and dietetics"  is included with practical tips about child nutrition adapted by age and 80 delicious recipes. It is easy to download from our eMyBaby®  website.


Perfect crushing

It incorporates 2 double blades located at different heights, with a series of perforations, to achieve a perfect crushing and the desired texture of the food.


Perfect for warming breast milk

Soft and uniform defrosting and heating, with which none of the properties of breast milk are lost during the process, preserving all its vitamins and nutrients when the selected temperature is reached.


Effective sterilization

The most effective and natural way to sterilize is through steam. With chefy 6, it is not necessary to include any chemical substance for sterilization. Always knowing how much sterilization time is left With chefy 6 you can choose the preferred warming or sterilization time and see how much time is left thanks to its display.


Easy to dismantle and clean

All components can be removed easily and effortlessly for proper and easy cleaning.

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