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The aspirator is intended for babies and toddlers. It has strong yet safe suction power for removing nasal secrete, so that your baby can breathe more freely and easily. The battery powered aspirator is most effective in clearing your babys stuffy nose without irritating the nasal mucous membrane. It works quietly so it can be used even when the baby is asleep, without having to wake the little one up. To make the task easier for you, you can distract the baby by playing a soothing melody. Its ergonomic shape and lightweight construction makes the aspirator easy to use while travelling.


It features two operation modes:

  • 1. Manual mode: During use always use the manual mode button. After releasing the button, the base will turn off. There is one strength level in manual mode.
  • 2. Auto mode: There are three levels of suction strength. To select a different level, press the button.


Technical properties

  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • 2 different-sized soft silicone tips
  • effective - 3 suction strengths
  • powerful yet safe
  • soothing melodies
  • lightweight and quiet
  • powered by 2 x 1,5V AA batteries (included)

Код модели: 139-407
Код продукта: 268823
Цвет: Grey

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