Difrax 193-Easygrip bottle Large 240ml

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Difrax Easy grip baby bottle 240 ml large can be offered to your baby from the moment that he/she is able to sit upright independently and wants to drink from the baby bottle on his/her own. Children can easily grasp the bottle through the opening in the middle and hold it firm and steady. This promotes the development of their fine motor skills. The anti-colic valve reduces the risk of stomach cramps and colic.

The unique anti colic valve in the base prevents vacuum suction and reduces the risk of burping, reflux and colic. The teat has a silky soft finish. With its unscrewable base the Easy grip baby bottle is easy to clean. Developed by the Difrax medical team.



Product info:


•·         Anti-colic valve reduces stomach cramps

•·         Easy for tiny baby hands to grasp

•·         Suitable for use once your baby can sit upright

Код модели: 10-193-new
Код продукта: 29806
Цвет: Multicolor

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