Miniland Digitalk Easy

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Easy to use with excellent sound quality. Digitalk Easy guarantees simplicity of use, lightness and portability, maximum sound clarity and zero interference up to a 300m range thanks to its digital technology. Some of its other striking features are voice activation, parental unit locator, nursery light and an out-of-range alarm.

Allows the baby to be heard with total clarity and zero interference

Thanks to its range of up to 300 meters and its digital technology, the parents will be able to hear the baby with full sound quality and zero interferences.

Maximum protection for the baby

Thanks to the VOX (voice activation), the baby monitor remains in standby mode while the baby is resting peacefully, activating again when a sound is detected. This way, the baby is emission-free, while energy is saved.

To take the parents unit anywhere

The parents receiving unit may be connected to the electrical mains or the rechargeable batteries included may be used, enabling parents to move around with no cables. Moreover, the batteries are easy to recharge, simply by placing the parents unit on the charging base provided.


The pleasant nightlight relaxes and provides comfort to the baby, allowing it to see in a room in the dark.

Luminous indicator of sound intensity

The parents unit features two LED warning lights which light up when some sound is detected on the room. This option is particularly useful for people with sensory difficulties.

The parents unit always located!

If the parents can't remember where they have left their receiver, simply pressing a button on the baby unit will make it beep and enable them to find it.

Everything under control

The device features low battery and out-of-range alerts to ensure the parents are not left without seeing the baby.

Traveling with the baby monitor

The device is convenient enough to take anywhere. Its lightweight nature and size make it the ideal companion for any family with babies or small children.

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