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The Pabobo Musical Stars Projector creates a beautiful starry sky on the bedroom ceiling to soothe children. Colors change automatically and smoothly from green to blue and orange. Parents can also choose to freeze their favorite color by pressing the button. Musical, the Stars Projector can also play a gentle lullaby, especially designed by Pabobo, to soothe children (2 sound levels).

Completely cordless, the Pabobo Musical Stars Projector can be placed everywhere.  Rechargeable, it offers more than a week of light and music (*about 17 cycles with 22 minutes of lights and 15 minutes music) .

Thanks to its size, parents can bring it easily for the week-end or holiday, to keep the sleep routine. Designed to be handled by toddlers and really simply to use with only two buttons, the Musical Stars Projector is also economical and useful for parents by turning off automatically after 22 minutes (15mn for the music).

Код модели: 186-SP02USB-BOIS
Код продукта: 244108
Цвет: Beige

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