Pabobo portable nightlight 70h battery time

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The reassuring little night light to bring everywhere!

The Nomade night light is the first portable night light without batteries or cord, really designed for children.

With its small light, it allows parents to watch over their little ones without disturbing them and reassure children from bedtime until they wake up. As the Nomade night light holds in their hand, it also helps older children find their way around in the dark, without waking their parents.

The Nomade night light recharges directly from the mains and can light up to 70 hours, i.e. a week of autonomy! In addition, we don't even need to turn it on or off ... The Nomad adapts itself to ambient light. Like a grown up!

Код модели: 186-SL02-TIMOLEO
Код продукта: 244101
Цвет: Blue

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