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Kid'Sleep can be used from birth as a traditional nightlight. There are also 4 choices of lullabies to help the child fall asleep

If the sleeping character's picture is lit and you see the moon, stay in bed and sleep awhile longer ! At the time chosen by parents, the sun rises and the sleeping character is lit, it is okay to get up! There are 3 settings: night/nap + weekend!In the morning, when the moon begins to set (adjustable duration), the child knows that it is almost time to get up!

In the evening, when the sun starts to set (adjustable duration), the child knows it's almost time to go to bed!

When it is time to wake up, the switch from sleeping to awaking character can be accompanied by any of 4 different choices of alarm, or no noise at all so that the child stays asleep. There are 4 levels of brightness to choose from.


  • Sleep trainer
  • 4 choices of lullaby
  • 4 choices of alarm + silent mode
  • 4 levels of brightness
  • Full face traditional nightlight
  • Smart Sunset "go to sleep" function
  • Smart Moonset "Wake up process"
  • 3 settings nighttime/nap + weekend
  • Animated LCD screen
  • Easy setting menu

Код модели: 186-CK0014-KSM-04
Код продукта: 244111
Цвет: White

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