BabyOno Ortho прорезыватель для зубов

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ORTHO teethers form a specially designed group of products meeting the needs of the youngest ones. The process of growth and passage of the first teeth is very difficult in the psychophysical context both for the child and the parent. Thanks to the professional consultations of a pediatric dentist from the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań, we have prepared a line of products that eliminate any inconvenience.


Silicone teether is an indispensable product in the period of teething. The teether's structure allows you to apply soothing gel and give it to the child when first teeth appear. It is easy to grasp and hold in the baby's hands. Made of silicone - material which does not contain Bisphenol A.


essential during teething

possibility to apply teething gel

possibility of cooling in the refrigerator (not in the freezer)

flexible material with a corrugated structure massages baby's gums perfectly

lightweight, ideally suited for a small baby's mouth and hands

made of durable and safe materials

no Bisphenol A content

scald before first use - do not boil


DIMENSIONS: 11.5 x 8 cm

Weight: 0.054 kg

Код модели: 139-486
Код продукта: 246713
Цвет: Multicolor

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