Munchkin игрушка для ванны Glow in the Dark Catch and

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Reach for the stars and illuminate the fun! Watch your little ones face light up with Catch a Glowing StarTM bath toys. Featuring three sweet (floating) stars and one netted hoop, these glow in the dark tub toys make playtime wishes come true. After being exposed to light, the stars and hoop start glowing. Kids can use the glow in the dark net to scoop floating stars or play bathtime basketball - just suction the hoop to the wall and "swish" upon a star! From developing hand-eye coordination to honing problem solving skills, bath games are great for learning through play. Heres to a glowing good time!


Star light, star bright.

  • Star themed glow in the dark bath toy set for toddlers
  • Toys glow in the dark after exposure to light
  • Scoop up stars or suction net to wall for a bathtime basketball game
  • Includes 3 floating stars and 1 hoop with net and suction
  • 12+ months

Код модели: 13-012559
Код продукта: 260264
Цвет: Multicolor

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