Legowear штаны Lwpelmo 201

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LEGO® Wear TEC overtrousers

When children are playing outside, they are lost in play and do not necessarily consider the disadvantages of sitting down in wet grass or sand. Wearing these thin overtrousers, your child can play and move freely, and you don't need to worry about them getting wet knees.

The technical LEGO Wear TEC outdoor pants are both waterproof, windproof, and breathable - and they are reinforced at the knees, too. The pants are designed with a bib; therefore, the outerwear does not separate on the back when the child bends over or sits down. Soft elastics at the waist sides for a great fit.

The pants are equipped with an extra-long YKK zipper which makes it easier for your child to master getting in and out of the pants without help. Elasticated adjustable suspenders at the bib and an iconic reflector on the chest. With reflective details at the side hem of the trouser leg for extra visibility in traffic.

Elasticated leg opening and an elasticated, adjustable, removable foot strap. The pants have an environmentally friendly and fluorine-free Bionic Finish ECO treatment on their surface.

​Dress your toddler or nursery-aged child in these sensible outdoor pants instead of regular rain pants - in that way you will keep your child dry, but without compromising on breathability.

Код модели: 15-11010130
Код продукта: 245519
Цвет: Dark Grey
100% polyester, woven

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