Nordbaby Cot Bumper 360cm, Frozen Leaves Pink

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Cot bumper covers all the sides of the bed. Creates a comfortable and safe environment for sleeping by covering the bed rails. Breathable and soft against the skin. Flexible and secure fastening with two rows of binding cords. Machine washable. The outside is covered with 100% natural cotton fabric. Instruction: Attach cot bumper to the bed with straps from above and place the bottom edge between the mattress to keep the cot bumper more stable.


Tehnical info:

  • measures: 30 cm x 360 cm
  • material: outer fabric: 100% cotton; filling: polyester wadding

Код модели: 192-255553
Код продукта: 255553
Цвет: Pink/Frozen Leaves
Fabric: 100% cotton Filling: Polyester wadding

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