Easygrow Co-sleeping mattress

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Lie comfortably with Easygrow breastfeeding and co-sleeping mattress while breastfeeding. Fold up the edge when you are done, so you prevent the child from slipping next to you. Move the baby to its own bed without waking up due to drafts in the room, a cold bed and new smells.


With Easygrow breastfeeding and co-sleeping mattress, the baby can lie in the same safe and familiar environment all night. Sleep is not disturbed if the baby is moved back to its own bed after breastfeeding and the mattress provides good protection when the child is lying between the parents. When breastfeeding, fold one edge down and you get the baby close to you. When you are done, fold the edge up again and the baby lies safely and well.


The mattress has a water-repellent bottom that prevents spills in the bed when breastfeeding, gulping or when leaking diapers. Prevents the child from slipping up to the parents during co-sleeping.


  • The edges of the mattress can prevent you from turning over the baby at night
  • An "prepared bed environment" (mites and bacteria) in the parent's bed can often be enough for children who are predisposed to asthma or allergies to have a rash. The breastfeeding mattress gives the child its own bed environment even in bed with the parents
  • Easy to take on a trip
  • Can of course be used as much for bottle feeding as for breastfeeding. The advantage is that the child can lie in the middle and the father can also participate and become confident and familiar with the newborn.
  • The bottom is water-repellent which makes it safe for the child. The bottom will thus be less water-repellent with more washing.
  • Dimensions: 39 x 67 x 14

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