Difrax 376-Silicone finger toothbursh

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By using the Difrax baby fingertip toothbrush you can introduce brushing of your babies first teeth in a playful and enjoyable manner. A good and easy beginning of baby oral care. Pediatricians advise you brush your child's milk teeth as soon as they emerge.


It can be difficult at first to brush your baby's first few milk teeth with a toothbrush, so why not use your finger instead? You can start brushing your baby's teeth in a playful manner with the Difrax baby fingertip toothbrush. It's ideal for a good and easy start of your baby's dental and oral care. Dentists recommend brushing from the moment your baby's first teeth emerge. Massaging the gums can relieve your baby's teething pain.


An easy introduction to oral care.

A pleasant way of brushing baby teeth

Massaging the gums eases painful teething symptoms

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Цвет: White

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