Cybex Solution S2 i-Fix автокресло 100-150cm, Soho Grey

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Solution S2 i-Fix

A car seat that's as flexible as parents need to be. The Solution S2 i-Fix car seat grows with your child from three to twelve years old, providing the perfect fit at every step.


A reclining headrest keeps your sleeping child's head in a protected position, cocooned by the seat's head and shoulder protectors. In the event of a side crash, the head and neck are protected while the Linear Side-impact Protection System helps to divert impact forces away from your child. One-hand height adjustment with 12 settings mean that no matter how fast your child grows, the Solution S2 i-Fix will always grow faster.


•·         Patented reclining headrest

•·         Advanced Linear Side-impact Protection

•·         12-position height-adjustment


Helps keep your child's head in a protected position

The patented reclining headrest helps prevent the child's head from falling forward while sleeping. Keeping the head in this position means that in the event of a side impact the child will be protected by the seat's head and shoulder protectors.

Preset Side-Protection for error-free installation

Advanced Linear Side-impact Protection is ready to use from the start, with no extra installation required. In combination with the energy-absorbing shell, it can reduce the force of a side impact by approximately 25%.

Grows with the child

12-position height adjustment lets the seat grow with your child from three to twelve years old. Children do a lot of growing during this time. Easy one-hand adjustment lets you adapt the seat to keep pace.

Maintains a comfortable body temperature

The integrated ventilation system allows cooling airflow to circulate through the car seat. This prevents heat buildup and provides a comfortable seat temperature even on hot days.

Delivers extra stability and safe installation

ISOFIX helps you install the car seat in your vehicle correctly. Set-up is simple with fast one-click attachment. Easy-to-check indicators confirm when the seat is installed so you can go ahead and secure your child with the vehicle's 3-point belt.

Ensures a comfortable ride for your child throughout the years

The extra wide and deep seat cushion makes your child's seat the most comfortable spot in the car - with plenty of room for your growing child.

Fits perfectly to your vehicle seat

The adjustable backrest lets the car seat fit perfectly onto any vehicle seat. It simply adjusts to fit snugly in your car.

Diverts impact forces away from your child

The energy-absorbing shell is designed to flex with an impact and channel dangerous forces away from your baby.


•·         Patented reclining headrest

•·         Advanced Linear Side-impact Protection System

•·         12-position height-adjustment

•·         Integrated ventilation system

•·         ISOFIX

•·         Extra wide and deep seat cushion

•·         Adjustable backrest

•·         Energy-absorbing shell

Care Instructions:

•·         Fabric covers machine washable at 30°

Technical information:

•·         UN R129/03

•·         Height: 100 - 150 cm

•·         Weight: from approx. 15 to 50 kg

•·         Age: from approx. 3 years up to 12 years


Installation with vehicle belt: The child seat can be used with retracted ISOFIX locking arms on all vehicle seats with three point automatic belt.



Compatible with Summer cover, ISOFIX guides, Cup holder (sold separately)

Код модели: 36-521003106
Код продукта: 250246
Цвет: Soho Grey

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