Goodbaby Everna-fix Autokrēsls 9-36kg Night Blue

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As a Grow-up seat, the Everna-Fix is the perfect fit for the future, designed to grow with your child from 9 months up to 12 years. From 9 to 18 kg, your little one is secured with a 5-point harness for maximized safety. From 18 kg (approx. 105 cm) your child is secured with the 3-point vehicle belt. The Everna-Fix fuses form with functionality to deliver ongoing safety and support throughout your child's formative years.



The Energy-Reduction Technology of the Everna-Fix safeguards your child in the event of a front impact. This visionary safety technology limits the neck's exposure to impact forces and can lessen the risk of injury by reducing the forces by up to approx. 20 %.




The integrated Linear Side-impact Protection System is an essential safety feature of the Everna-Fix. Folded out on the door-side, the L.S.P. System provides an essential layer of protection for your child in case a side-impact occurs, reducing the forces of a side-impact collision by approx. 25 % when compared to the same seat without L.S.P..




The Everna-Fix is equipped with a top tether having a unique installation control that indicates you whether the seat of your little one is correctly installed. Combined with an ISOFIX System the top tether prevents from dangerous seat rotation in case of an accident. Both features have a visual warning, with the top tether having an additional audible warning when not installed or inappropriately installed - supporting the correct use of the seat.




The Restraint System Control of the Everna-Fix makes certain you use the correct restraint for the size of your child. As their weight increases and you adjust the headrest to the height of your child, the Restraint System Control will ensure you switch from the 5-point harness to the 3-point vehicle belt at the appropriate time.




The smart one-hand recline function allows parents to make adjustments with ease, transforming the Everna-Fix from a sitting to a sleeping position while keeping one hand free. This convenience delivers maximum comfort for your child, and confidence for parents.




The energy-absorbing shell of the Everna-Fix works in combination with the integrated L.S.P. System to absorb impact energy, directing forces away from your child and minimizing the effects of a collision.




The integrated ventilation system of the Everna-Fix lets air circulate under the cover of the seat, delivering a comfortable seat temperature for your child - even on the hottest days.


Length: 58 cm
Width: 44 cm
Height: 82 cm
WEIGT:    12.4 kg
suitable for:  9 - 36 kg

Modeļa kods: 188-619000349
Produkta kods: 213884
Krāsa: Navy Blue

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