Geox bērnu zābaki J FLEXYPER

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Geox Flexyper breathable ankle boot, perfect for the cold and wet weather.

The waterproofing guaranteed by the AmphibioxTM technology also makes these ankle boots ideal for rainy days.

For well-being of the feet, the exclusive Geox-patented system ensures breathability and the comfortable EVA outsole with rubber inserts ensures lightness, a firm grip and proper cushioning. The grooves of different sizes on the tread ensure extreme flexibility and the lengthwise ones, in particular, allow total freedom of movement.

The elasticated lace-up and single riptape fastening makes it easy to slip on and the removable footbed is practical and hygienic and, like the lining, is made from a warm material, ensuring maximum comfort.

Modeļa kods: 242-J94APA
Produkta kods: 236375

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