Geox bērnu zābaki J BUBBLEX

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Girl's ultra-fashionable comfortable sneaker endowed with Zero-Shock PADS technology.

Taking its cues from older girl's sneakers, Bubblex is a sporty-trendy Geox sneaker boasting an upper made from a leather-effect material and suede in a black-and-white colourway. The Geox-patented breathable outsole delivers comfort and a general sensation of well-being and has been crafted from EVA which offers lightness, a cushioning effect and flexibility. Furthermore, the outsole has been enhanced with Zero-Shock PADS technology which soaks up vibrations and jolts from the ground as you walk for even greater levels of comfort. Practical and hygienic, the removable footbed boosts the sensation of comfort and well-being due to a covering in chrome-free non-toxic leather which keeps your little girl's feet comfortable and dry throughout the entire day.

Modeļa kods: 242-J04CNA
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