Bibs Try-It Collection Pacifier Set 3-pack, Blush

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BIBS Try-It Collection Pacifier Set

The charming BIBS Try-It Collection set contains three Colour pacifiers that come in different teat shapes: round, anatomical and symmetrical. The kit allows you to choose a favorite soother. For babies 0+

The BIBS Try-It Collection pacifier set includes three dummies which are made from natural rubber latex. Pacifiers vary in shape and have round, anatomical and flat symmetrical nipples.

The classic Colour dummy has a round cherry shape, which is why midwives recommend it for supporting natural breastfeeding.

The beveled (anatomically shaped) pacifier reminds your baby as much as possible of breastfeeding. The nipple fits perfectly on the baby’s palate and exerts minimal pressure on the jaw, teeth and gums.

The symmetrical flat teat reduces pressure on your baby’s chin and gums, as they don’t have to work as hard as with a round teat to flatten it in their mouth.

The outside of the pacifiers is made of 100% safe food grade polypropylene, which contains no Bisphenol A, PVC or phthalates.


BIBS Try-It Collection pacifier set advantages:

  • Three different BIBS Colour dummies in one set
  • Exclusive and timeless design
  • Imitation of mother’s breasts
  • Eco-friendly safe materials
  • All the little ones like it
  • Made in Denmark



  • Child age: 0+
  • Size: Size 1
  • Nipple material: Latex
  • Composition: Natural rubber latex, Food-grade polypropylene
  • Standard: EN 1400 + A2

Model code: 267-286426
Product code: 286426
Color: Blush

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