Bellini Natural sea sponge Silk Fine No.7

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The natural sea sponge from the Mediterranean Sea of the "silk fine" quality is mostly appreciated for its softness and especially suitable for babies' and children's care, make-up and cleansing.
Precious and delicate, a real dream also for sensitive skins. If properly rinsed it cleans itself, thank to it's natural channels. Unlike syntetic sponges, it doesn't retain rests of foam, soap or bacteria.

•·         100% natural, extremely absorbent and soft

•·         Long endurance

•·         Hypoallergenic - dermatologically tested

•·         Handcrafted and completely manufactured in Italy

•·         100%biodegradable


Do not use it with excessively hot water and do not boil

Rince it throughly after use

Dry completely in the air (not on radiators)

Sponges are meant for cleaning and not for rubbing

Model code: 268-FD7
Product code: 233673
Color: Yellow

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