Elodie Details Stiklinis maitinimo buteliukas 250ml, Blushing Pink

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Glass Feeding Bottle 

Elodie’s glass feeding bottles are made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass with a food-grade silicone casing. The material makes them lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant. The glass is naturally free from any harmful substances and the bottle can withstand temperatures from freezing to sterilization in boiling water. The dustproof cap prevents any airborne contamination of the teat, and the wide neck design makes the bottle very easy to clean.

The feeding bottle is delivered with a food-grade silicon suction teat suitable for babies between 0 and 6 months. The anti-colic valve in the teat allows your baby to feed continuously without taking in air bubbles or having to gasp for air between latches. The spiral shape inside the teat prevents teat collapse for uninterrupted comfortable feeding. Replacement teats and larger teats for children older than 6 months are available separately.


Borosilicate Glass

Made with extremely durable borosilicate glass in a silicone casing that improves grip and make it even more impact resistant.


Replacement teats available

The Bottles are delivered with a silicone suction teat suitable for new-borns. Replacement teats and teats suitable for babies over 6 months are available separately.


Perfectly sized

The bottles measure 20cm in height and 6,5 cm in diameter. They hold up to 250 ml of liquid.


Machine washable

The wide bottle neck makes them easy to clean out by hand. Can also be machine washed.



  • Material: Bottle: 100% Glass | Lid: 100% Plastic | Suction part: 100% Silicone
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Diameter: 6,5 cm
  • Machine washable.

Modelio kodas: 187-60252101151NA
Prekės kodas: 258950
Spalva: Blushing Pink
Bottle: 100% glass, lid: Plastic, suction part: 100% silicone

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