Suavinex maitinimo buteliukas 360ml Memories

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The NEW bottle with a NEW silicone physiological nipple.

  • New contemporary design for visual coherence between different bottles ranges.
  • Easy to grip by babies and parents
  • New cup to guarantee secure lock and prevent dripping

NEW Physiological SX Pro Bottle Teat

  • Inspired by the technical characteristics of the Zero.Zeo Bottle to be a logical continuation of Suavinex Specific line (Zero.Zero) to the Suavienex regular line
  • Symmetrical form, highly recommended by odontopaediatricians.
  • Flexible silicone with new skin like smooth and matte texture
  • Flat nipple form which is easily accepted by the babies

Modelio kodas: 483-307093
Prekės kodas: 253548
Spalva: Pink


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