Cybex Pallas G i-Size 76-150cm, Classic Beige

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With the new Cybex Pallas G i-Size you have reliable protection and a car seat that adapts to the development of your child. The Cybex seat impresses not only with its easy handling, but with its high level of safety and comfort. The new improved impact protection, the patented headrest, the simple installation  and the impact shield offer your child the highest level of safety, comfort and freedom of movement


  • For children 9-50 kg, 76-150 cm, 15 months - 12 years, Group 1/2/3
  • Installation with Isofix (compulsory when using impact shield 76-105 cm)
  • Top Tether attachment (compulsory when using impact shield 76-105 cm)
  • Using Isofix and Top tether is recommended at all times but not compulsory when attaching child with 3-point harness.  
  • Tilt-adjustable headrest and seat
  • New optimized impact shield
  • New Side Impact Protection (L.S.P), which reduces 40% neck injuries



Security and comfort


The Cybex Pallas G-i-Size child seat offers the best possible safety for your little passenger. Impact Shield, ISOFIX and TOP Tether with visual installation display, as well as the L.S.P. System ensure that your little one is always safe in the car.


Among other things, the 3-way adjustable headrest, the ventilation system, which ensures good air circulation and a pleasant seat temperature, as well as the comfortable, one-hand adjustable sitting and lying position bring comfort to every day use.


The impact shield

In the beginning 76-105cm you use the Pallas G i-Size with the impact shield. The depth-adjustable impact shield acts like an inflated airbag by diverting the forces in the event of an accident through its energy-absorbing materials. The one-hand adjustable impact shield adapts optimally to the body of your child and thus not only provides security, but also significantly more space of movement for the upper body.


When the child is about 4 years old or over 105cm the  impact shield is no longer needed. From here on you will attach the child in the seat with the 3-point harness. Thanks to the height-adjustable headrest, the seat grows with your child. With the patented headrest, of the Cybex Pallas G i-Size ensures a good resting position, with the head not falling forward. When using the Pallas G i-Size without impact shield then ISOFIX and Top Tether are not compulsory, but we recommend usinf them anyway.

NB! If the car seat is not attached by ISOFIX then it has to be attached by the 3-point harness even if the child is not sitting there.


Extra functions:

  • integrated side impact protection
  • breathable fabrics
  • Removable and washable covers at 30 ° C
  • Adjustable headrest
  • extra wide and deep seat cushion
  • comfortable sitting and lying position
  • Isofix installation
  • Top Tether
  • tested according to: UN R129/03 i-Size
  • developed and designed in Germany

Model code: 36-521000525
Product code: 246121
Color: Classic Beige

Isofix connection
i-Size standard

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