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The perfect fit for your little treasure's first 12 months of travelling adventures. Great for smooth transitions between indoor to outdoor conditions. You can convert it from an overall to a footmuff by opening or closing the bottom zippers. Double zip openings over the chest enables quick access, plus an easy way to regulate the child's body temperature. Cold climate traveling, made easy!


•·         The sleeves are lined with nylon for smoother insertion of tender little arms.

•·         The hood is lined with soft and comfortable cotton

•·         When outside, the sleeve can be closed off with a fold over flap to retain warmth

•·         Easy maintenance, machine wash and tumble dry


Product specifications:

•·         Sizes: 0-6 months or 6-12 months

•·         Length: 0-6 months: 68 cm | 6-12 months: 75 cm (from shoulder to bottom)

•·         Material: Shell: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Cotton, Fill: 100% fake down, Collar: Faux Fur

Mudeli kood: 187-103709
Tootekood: 184605
Värv: Powder Pink


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