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A cap that is fast becoming a favourite with parents as well as kids. With its contemporary look and many practical features, it's easy to see why. The Cap is designed to a perfect shape and uses elasticity at the neck and chin strap to ensure the caps stays on even during the most exciting play time. Completely wind- and water resistant outer fabric.


Inner circumference chart:


0-6m = 42cm

6-12m = 45cm

12-24m = 48cm

24-36m = 52cm


Product specifications:

•·         Size: see chart above

•·         Material: Various

•·         Dimensions: Interior dimensions: 0-6 months: 42cm | 6-12 months: 45cm | 12-24 months: 48cm | 24-36 months: 52cm

Mudeli kood: 187-103464
Tootekood: 184648
Värv: Botanic


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