Carriwell Adjustable velcro support belt

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The adjustable support belt dramatically reduces or completely eliminates lower back pain by gently lifting the abdomen and thereby encouraging a more erect posture. Fully adjustable; they are extremely comfortable and adaptable to your exact needs. Backache is very common in pregnancy due to your changing body preparing for birth i.e. ligaments becoming softer and your extra weight has to be supported by the muscles in your back, hence lower back ache. * Easy to put on and fully adjustable. * Can be worn discreetly under clothing. * The broad elastic and soft fabric never cuts into sensitive skin. * The broad soft belt gently lifts your preggy "bump", relieving downward pressure. * The belt applies counter pressure to the precise area of discomfort in the lower back.

Model code: 18-105
Product code: 5426
Color: White

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