Suavinex breastfeeding bottle Zero.Zero 180ml variable flow

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The ZERØ.ZERØTM bottle with anti-colic bag works in the same way as the mammary glands. Its system means that bubbles disappear so that no air is swallowed, thus helping to reduce gassy colic.

  • 180 and 270 ml bottle with ultra-soft silicone teat.
  • Available in 3 flows: low, medium and adaptable. The latter offers a flow that is proportional to the suction, allowing more or less liquid to flow depending on the strength with which the baby sucks.
  • From 0 months, even for premature babies with a weak suck.


The shape, length and feel of its ultra-soft silicone teat mimic the mothers nipple.

  • Available in two sizes: 180 and 270 ml.


With 3 flows available:

  • Slow flow: Allow a small amount of liquid to pass through. Suitable for the first days of life, for milk, glucose or water intake.
  • Medium flow: Let all kinds of medium density liquids through. Ideal for milk, juice and very liquid porridge.
  • Adaptive flow: Let more or less fluid through depending on how hard the baby sucks. Specially designed to combine breast and bottle.

Model code: 483-304590
Product code: 253517
Color: Transparent


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