Difrax S-Bottle Wide 200ml

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For years, the Difrax S-baby bottle Wide 200 ml has been the most popular baby bottle amongst babies, mums and dads due to the unique anti-colic valve and the S-shaped bottle. The combination of these two special features ensures a constant and regular flow of nutrition. The anti-colic S-baby bottle can be used from birth and is a well-proven combination with breastfeeding. Also very suitable for milk porridge.


The distinctive S-baby bottle can be used immediately after birth for both full-term babies and premature babies. With its unscrewable base the baby bottle is easy to fill with cubes of frozen breast milk. This wide model is also very suitable for milk porridge.


The anti-colic valve prevents vacuum suction and ensures a constant flow of the nutrition allowing your baby to drink without interruptions and without swallowing air. This prevents chances of stomach cramps, colic, baby burping, reflux and vomiting. The S-baby bottle is the first bottle that promotes a natural baby feeding & bonding position, while enabling parents to sit in a relaxed position! The Difrax S-baby bottle comes in several trendy colours and sizes.


Reduces the chance of stomach cramps, vomiting and burping

The ergonomic S-shape promotes a natural feeding position

Perfect for feeding porridge with the Large bottle teat

Model code: 10-3131AT
Product code: 109535
Color: Multicolor

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