Difrax Non spill cup with STRAW 250ml, 12+m

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The Difrax Cup with Straw Non-Spill teaches your toddler to drink in the upright position without straining the neck. Can be used from the age of 12 months or as soon as your child can sit upright. With a soft coated straw spout and a unique non-spill system inside the straw. The spill-proof feature prevents tampering and spilling with juice, roosvicee or water when your toddler sucks at the straw.

The cup has a soft coated straw spout with a specially integrated non-spill system. As soon as your child sucks on the straw, the straw opens and the juice flows through it. At times when your child is not sucking on the straw, the straw does not pass any liquid. The unique, patented Difrax cup with integrated non-spill straw has been developed in collaboration with a medical team.

Model code: 10-1010
Product code: 29788
Color: Multicolor

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